Rebalancing is a deep intuitive bodywork to help release physical & emotional tension stored in fascia. It is an holistic approach to Myofascial release therapy.

I am a certified Rebalancer in Biodynamic Rebalancing Bodywork. I give individual massage therapy sessions and do energy exchanges on festivals in Europe. My approach to Rebalancing is grounding and nurturing, while still being very deep work. 

If you got any questions or would like to book a session, drop me an email or visit the facebook page.


About the Therapy

Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Bodywork is an holistic approach to Myofascial release therapy -it releases physical, mental and emotional tension stored in fascia.
This deep-tissue massage combined with assisted yoga stretches, joint-release and very deep strokes, takes its origins in Ayurveda, Thaï Yoga and Shiatsu.
A Reblancing session aligns body, mind and soul, and is also very grounding. The conscious touch offers a lot of presence for both the receiver and the giver. Another beautiful word for this massage is Soul Rebalancing. Combined with assisted breathwork, Rebalancing can be used for trauma healing.  Each session is unique, following your needs and how you are feeling physically and emotionally in that very present moment.

Therapy benefits include; improved alignment and body posture, chronic pain relief and emotional release (stored in the emotional houses in your body), feeling grounded, more connected and alive!


Energy Exchanges

If you have a healing area and would like to collaborate for giving massages or create a workshop, get in touch -I would love to hear from you.


Lisbon, Portugal

Past events

Balolas Fest
Quinta da Exara, Mafra, Portugal
24th to 25th August 2018

Waking Life Festival *
Crato, Portugal
15th to 19th August 2018.

Boom Festival *
Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
22nd July to 29th July 2018.

Orbits Festival *
Camping Sao Giao, Portugal
21st to 24th June 2018.

*Sessions are adapted to festival settings for dancers and building crews.

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