Rebalancing is a deep intuitive bodywork to help release physical & emotional tension stored in fascia. It is an holistic approach to Myofascial release therapy.

I am a certified Rebalancer in Biodynamic Rebalancing Bodywork. I am available for treatments in Lisbon, as well as open to collaborations for workshops and working on yoga retreats. My approach to Rebalancing is grounding and nurturing, while still being very deep work.

If you got any questions or would like to book a session, drop me an email or visit the facebook page. I’m always happy to hear from you!

About the Therapy

Bio Dynamic Reblancing is a meditative and therapeutic Myo Fascial release bodywork, consisting of gentle, precise massage strokes combined with deep tissue strokes, joint release techniques (tragering) and assisted Yoga stretches.
The therapy originates from India and draws influences from Ayurveda, Thaï Yoga, Physiotherapy and Shiatsu.
A Reblancing session aligns body, mind and soul, and is also very grounding. The conscious touch offers a lot of presence for both the receiver and the giver. Another beautiful word for this massage is Soul Rebalancing. Combined with assisted breathwork, Rebalancing is a powerful tool which can be used for trauma healing.  Each session is unique, following your needs and how you are feeling physically and emotionally in that very present moment.

Therapy benefits include; improved alignment and body posture, chronic pain relief and emotional release (stored in the emotional houses of the body), feeling grounded, more connected and alive!


I am a certified therapist in Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Bodywork (Osho Bodywork), trained by Rasal in Arambol, India (2017). Additional influences in my work are drawn from my personal healing journey; Light Language, Quantum Breathwork, Vipassana Meditation and Womb Healing techniques.

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Selected Testimonies

“I received many sessions from Isabel in the past, and every time she created a calm and nurturing space. She is a dedicated therapist who works intuitively and leaves you feeling lighter, taller and more present. Looking forward to the next time :)”
- Charlotte Thurston

“I have has a few rebalancing sessions with Isabel and they were amazing! She uses the power of touch to also tap into emotions stored in the body, and assists you in shifting and releasing this stuck energy. These sessions helped me let go of trauma I has been storing, and these sessions have been an important part of my healing work this past year. I definetely recommend working with Isabel if you are looking to go deep into the connection between both physical and emotional bodies, it is powerful work!”
- Katie Emma

“Izzy is such an amazing person! She delivers herself with love in every experience she embraces. I highly recommend rebalancing therapy with her!! I felt very peaceful!”
- Joana N. Vaz

“Izzy creates a deep connection with you during her massages-- it's as if you are being transported to an otherworldy healing dimension. I have been the grateful recipient of her work and happily recommend her to those of you out there who are ready to release through this type of massage. You will be in good hands here <3”
- Alice Ming

“Izzy's presence alone makes you feel at peace. Her massages are absolutely golden. She really takes the time to channel her focus and energy on you. Thank you Izzy <3” 
- Emmeline Baker

“Isabel understands to connect body and soul with her calm art of working, thanks a lot”
- Soersch U.

“Mon rééquilibrage reçue par mon Amie Isabel fut sans nul doute un moment de réel partage et d'écoute, d'attention et d'une très belle prise en main au seins de mon être. Douce et à la fois ferme, Isabel est à l'écoute du corps et de l'esprit.  Laissez vous aller dans un monde où le psychisme s'accompagne d'une vraie balance. A conseiller vivement !”
- Melissa Pertosa


Energy Exchanges

If you have a healing area and would like to collaborate for giving massages or create a workshop, get in touch -I would love to hear from you.

Past events & residencies

Lisbon, Portugal

Balolas Fest
Quinta da Exara, Mafra, Portugal
24th to 25th August 2018

Waking Life Festival *
Crato, Portugal
15th to 19th August 2018.

Boom Festival *
Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
22nd July to 29th July 2018.

Orbits Festival *
Camping Sao Giao, Portugal
21st to 24th June 2018.

*Sessions are adapted to festival settings for dancers and building crews.